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Here are just a few of our residential and commercial products.  For pricing and availability please contact us.

 Alarm Systems

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Basic Alarm Package- Protect your home, condo, and/or
small business with our starter package.

Includes: Networx NX-8 Control Panel, LCD Display Keypad,
2 Passive Infrared Motion Detectors, 2 Door Sensors, Smoke
Detector, Siren, Wireless Keyfob.
Expandable to include up to 48 devices.

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Economy Alarm Package- Simple yet reliable, designed for small
boutique shops, single offices, and/or studio/1-bedroom apartments.

Includes: Networx NX-4 Control Panel, LED Keypad, Passive
Infrared Motion Detector, Door Sensor, Siren
Expandable to include up to 8 devices.

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Advanced System- The simplicity of our basic, the capabilities of extreme.  Designed for large homes and facilities.

Includes: Networx NX-8E
Expandable to include up to 192 devices.
Available only as a custom designed system.

Prime Tech Hawaii Mobile Alarm Box-
Protect your project with
this industrial-rated, temporary alarm package.  Protects construction
work sites & trailers, fumigation projects, board room meetings and more.

Includes: Prime Tech Hawaii Mobile Alarm Box, 4 Passive Infrared
Motion Detectors, Cellular GSM Monitoring Module. 
to include additional devices. *Additional restrictions apply.




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Cellular GSM Modules- Used as a backup to your phone line or as your primary signaling device, the cellular GSM module will allow your system to send signals in even the worst of scenarios. 

*Additional restrictions apply.


Additional Devices-
We offer a variety of intrusion detection, fire prevention, environmental monitoring, and personal signaling devices. 

Intrusion Detection: Passive infrared and microwave motion detector; acoustic glassbreak detector; vibrational "shock" sensors; magnetic door/window contact; pressure activated contact; photo electric beams; wired window screen mesh

Fire Prevention: Smoke & heat detectors

Environmental Monitoring: High & low temperature monitors; water leak or level rise; carbon monoxide detection

Personal Signaling: Fixed concealed panic button; wireless water resistant panic button (may be used as a medical response device)

Any of these devices can be added to a package above or designed into your custom built system.

 Video Surveillance Systems


Digital Video Recorders- Watch and record video files
of your home and business.  Check if the kids got home
from school, if someone left the light on at work, or assist
in the prosecution of criminal activity.  Video storage
varies from 1 week to 1 year.  Viewing capabilities range
from a local monitor, your home televisions, personal 
computers, and PDA or Smart Phones.
Available in 4, 9, and 16 channel (input) options.   


Fixed Cameras- Whatever your needs may be, we
have a camera to match.  Wide angle to 10x zoom,
broad day to low-light situations, and simple indoor
to vandal and weather resistant.  Our long list of
cameras come in many varieties, so please contact
us and we will match you to what suits you best.

PTZ Cameras- For applications requiring precision video surveillance over a wide area, these cameras combine the same great image quality as our fixed cameras with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. Whether it is following suspicious activity in your store's parking lot or keeping a closer eye on your children playing in the back yard, a PTZ may be what you are looking for.